Workshop Summary: Helping Impact Entrepreneurs Become Investor Ready.

The first Meaningful Business member workshop of 2022 brought together social entrepreneurs from 12 countries for an interactive discussion led by two experienced impact investors; Konstantin Hapkemeyer, Investment Manager, Seedstars and Stacey Fruitman, Founder & CEO, Style with Substance Ventures. Focusing on fundraising strategies - including what to look for in an investor, how to approach them and what a good pitch deck looks like- this was the first in a series of activities designed to help impact entrepreneurs become investor ready. Below are some key takeaways from the conversation:

Tailor-made: how the ICRC is supporting women with disabilities in Niger

Following our discussion with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on improving the employment chances of disabled people in the world’s conflict zones, we are shining a spotlight on the organisation's work in supporting women with disabilities in Niger. This article is based on an interview between Suzy Christopher, Co-Founder of our Knowledge Partner, Untapped, and Elia Bernabeu Mira, Project Manager, Physical Rehabilitation, ICRC.

Extending Product and Material Lifespan – with Alina Bassi, Founder & CEO, Kleiderly

As part of our 'Regenerate' channel, we hone in on one of the main objectives in a circular economy - the drive to eliminate waste and pollution, inviting entrepreneurs working towards extending the lifespan of the products, materials and services they use, to share with their success stories and the barriers that still affect them whilst operating in a predominantly linear system.

The Impact Measurement Gap – with Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainability Solutions at Capgemini Invent

With businesses putting an increasing focus on purpose and social impact, we will be looking at the current challenges in measurement and reporting of impact data, and getting expert views on how different types of organisations can improve their data collection to strengthen their business and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Podcast: How the International Committee of the Red Cross is using sport to change attitudes towards disability in conflict zones

Continuing our look at disability and employment, Suzy Christopher, Co-Founder, Untapped - our Knowledge Partner for Accelerate - spoke to Jess Markt & Pat Glennon, from the International Committee of the Red Cross, who are delivering their physical rehabilitation and workforce inclusion programme using sport to change attitudes towards disabled people in conflict and war zones.