Social Justice and the Circular Economy – with Joyce Kamande, Co-Founder, Safi Organics.

As part of our 'Regenerate' channel, we are considering the role the circular economy can play in advancing the creation of resilient communities through regenerative practices, job creation and education, and the value that can be created in the health, wellbeing and human rights sectors. We spoke to Joyce, co-founder of Safi Organics, a social enterprise focused on the economic empowerment of rural smallholder farmers, improving their livelihoods through sustainable agriculture.

Spotlight on Disability and Entrepreneurship

As part of our Accelerate channel, Suzy Christopher, co-founder of our Knowledge Partner, Untapped, explores the relationship between disability, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Tailor-made: how the ICRC is supporting women with disabilities in Niger

Following our discussion with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on improving the employment chances of disabled people in the world’s conflict zones, we are shining a spotlight on the organisation's work in supporting women with disabilities in Niger. This article is based on an interview between Suzy Christopher, Co-Founder of our Knowledge Partner, Untapped, and Elia Bernabeu Mira, Project Manager, Physical Rehabilitation, ICRC.

Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community

Meaningful Business member, Jeffrey Korzenik, is the Chief Investment Strategist at one of the U.S's leading business banks, Fifth Third Bank, and is also a leading advocate for hiring individuals for criminal records. He recently released his book, 'Untapped Talent', which focuses on the business case and best practices around doing so. In this article, as part of our series on 'Second Chances', Jeffrey shares the economic rationale behind his work, and why businesses that don't adopt the talent strategy risk being left behind.

Why racial equity investing is key to building a fairer society for all

Jochebed Bogunjoko has dedicated her career to pursuing social justice through finance. She has recently joined our partner the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice as its new Investor Advocacy Consultant. In Black History Month, she shares her story, what inspired her to get involved in justice reform, and the role investors play in creating a fairer and more equal society.

Why returning citizens should be given a chance

Chance Bleu-Montgomery has turned his life around after spending 16 years in prison, now dedicating his time to focus on inclusivity and breaking down barriers for others in his position. In this article, as part of our focus on 'Second Chances', he explains why employing returning citizens can unlock the hidden potential in some of society’s most resilient and determined individuals.