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A Lifetime of Entrepreneurship – with Neil Barnfather MBE, VP, UK and Ireland, GoodMaps.
Continuing our look at disability and entrepreneurship, Untapped co-founder, Anna Parisi, spoke to Neil Barnfather, one of the UK’s most prolific entrepreneurs, to discuss resilience, challenging conventions and creating 19 successful businesses. Neil has enjoyed success in various sectors, from e-commerce to fintech. Today, he is VP, UK and Ireland, for GoodMaps, the company revolutionising how visually impaired people navigate indoor environments.
Alex Stephany
Alex Stephany

Alex Stephany is the Founder and CEO of Beam, the world’s first platform to crowdfund job training for homeless people…

Ali Parsa

Dr Ali Parsa is a British-Iranian healthcare entrepreneur and engineer. He’s the founder and CEO of Babylon, the revolutionary AI…

Arash Tayebi
Arash Tayebi

Arash Tayebi is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Kara Technologies, a tech start-up based in Auckland, New Zealand. Arash has a…

Ashish Gadnis
Ashish Gadnis

Ashish Gadnis is the Co-founder / CEO of BanQu, which was recently named to the TIME Magazine 2019 Innovations List. …

Brad Jones

Brad Jones is the CEO of Wave Money. Brad is an experienced executive specializing in digital finance, mobile money and…

Bruno Mahfuz
Bruno Mahfuz

Bruno Mahfuz, was elected in 2018 as one of the 35 main innovators under 35 in Latin America by the…

Cara Boccieri
Cara Boccieri

As the founder of Akamae and the Co-creation Fashion Movement, Cara Boccieri lives with remote refugee communities in Mae Hong…

Celia Ouellette
Celia Ouellette

Celia Ouelette is the CEO of Responsible Business Initiative for Justice (RBI), a nonprofit which works with companies to champion…

Cemal Ezel
Cemal Ezel

Cemal Ezel is the Founder of Change Please CIC, Old Spike Roastery and Coal Rooms Restaurants. Change Please is a…

Christopher Miller

Chris Miller is the Global Activism Strategy Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, a unique position within the corporate world focused…

David Katz
David Katz

David is the founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, a social enterprise helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving…

Elmarie Potgieter

Elmarié Potgieter is the Founder and Managing Director of RITE Education. She has extensive international experience in leading the development,…

Frida Polli

Dr. Frida Polli is an MIT/Harvard trained neuroscientist turned tech founder. Dr. Polli is the CEO of pymetrics, a company…

How can business support charities and NGOs’ vital work during and post COVID-19?
23rd April 2020, 4.30pm-5.30pm GMT. Charities, globally, are at the forefront of supporting the vulnerable. Now more than ever their work is critical and the needs are increasing every day. With charities heavily reliant on public and private sector funding, their survival and continued impact is at risk. How can businesses, small and large, help them continue their work during and post-crisis?
Introducing Accelerate – Working Together for Disability Inclusion
Meaningful Business and Untapped are excited to present Accelerate - a content stream dedicated to disability inclusion, with topics around employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. In this launch article, Anna Parisi and Suzy Christopher, co-founders of Untapped, articulate why true inclusion is a huge opportunity for businesses and what we hope to achieve with this partnership.
Khadija Jallouli
Khadija Jallouli

Khadija Jallouili is the CEO of HawKar . She’s a disabled person who has always struggled to be independent and who…

Kwame Ajamu
Kwame Ajamu

Kwame Ajamu was a teenager in Cleveland, Ohio, when he was sentenced to death in 1975 for the murder-robbery of…

Liz Powers

Liz Powers is the co-founder and Chief Happiness Spreader at ArtLifting, a business that empowers artists impacted by homelessness and…

Mike Brady

Mike Brady is a forward-thinking business executive, entrepreneur and non-profit leader specializing in using the power of business to drive…

Naomi Kokuro

Naomi Kokuro is a YALI RLC Fellow, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Rotarian and has over eight years of experience in the…

Peter Scher

Peter L. Scher is Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic region and Head of Corporate Responsibility for JP Morgan Chase & Co….

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Podcast: How the International Committee of the Red Cross is using sport to change attitudes towards disability in conflict zones
Continuing our look at disability and employment, Suzy Christopher, Co-Founder, Untapped - our Knowledge Partner for Accelerate - spoke to Jess Markt & Pat Glennon, from the International Committee of the Red Cross, who are delivering their physical rehabilitation and workforce inclusion programme using sport to change attitudes towards disabled people in conflict and war zones.
Q&A with Victoria Jenkins, Founder of Unhidden, an adaptive and sustainable fashion brand
Continuing our focus on disability and entrepreneurship, Untapped co-Founder Anna Parisi spoke to Victoria Jenkins, a designer, disability advocate and founder of Unhidden. In 2003 Victoria was diagnosed with multiple digestive conditions and is now one of the estimated 1 in 7 people in the UK living with a hidden disability. The challenges of managing her disability in the workplace and a gap in the fashion market led her to found Unhidden, which she runs while working as a freelancer, running two other businesses and writing a book – ‘The Little eBook of Ableism.’
Roberta Ventura
Roberta Ventura

Roberta Ventura left her twenty-year career in Investment Banking and Asset Management in 2016, to run the Social Enterprise she…

Samantha Payne

Samantha Payne is the Co-Founder of Open Bionics; an award-winning startup developing low-cost bionic hands that look and feel good,…

Aaron Clark
Second Chances – an interview with Justice Reskill’s Founder, Aaron Clark
Justice Reskill is on a mission to dissolve the wealth gaps affecting the justice-involved community nationwide. Through its skills-based curriculum, cohort-style learning community, and career-focused programming — all designed exclusively for those directly disadvantaged by the justice system — the organisation is opening doors to long-term prosperity and giving individuals the resources and support necessary to keep them open throughout their lifetimes. In this article, as part of our focus on 'Second Chances', Meaningful Business member, and Justice Reskill's Founder, Aaron Clark, shares why opening company doors to this population goes beyond merely diversifying the workplace, as there is an ‘enormous economic case’ that underpins its success.
Simba Mubvuma

Simba Mubvuma is a lawyer and access to justice entrepreneur from Zimbabwe. A self-taught coder, Simba is Co-founder at LawBasket,…

Social Justice and the Circular Economy – with Ashish Gadnis, Co-Founder & CEO, BanQu.
As part of our 'Regenerate' channel, we are considering the role the circular economy can play in advancing the creation of resilient communities through regenerative practices, job creation and education, and the value that can be created in the health, wellbeing and human rights sectors. We spoke to Ashish, co-founder and CEO of BanQu, on how little attention is paid to the human element of circular value chains, and how the circular economy is one of the biggest opportunities we have to create an equitable world and protect our planet at the same time.
Photo Fernando
Social Justice and the Circular Economy – with Fernando Lopez del Prado, Co-Founder, Sustaineers
As part of our 'Regenerate' channel, we are considering the role the circular economy can play in advancing the creation of resilient communities through regenerative practices, job creation and education, and the value that can be created in the health, wellbeing and human rights sectors. We spoke to Fernando, Co-Founder of Sustaineers Consultants, on the interconnection between social justice and circularity, and how we can create more opportunities in the transition from linear to circular systems.
Safi Organics
Social Justice and the Circular Economy – with Joyce Kamande, Co-Founder, Safi Organics.
As part of our 'Regenerate' channel, we are considering the role the circular economy can play in advancing the creation of resilient communities through regenerative practices, job creation and education, and the value that can be created in the health, wellbeing and human rights sectors. We spoke to Joyce, co-founder of Safi Organics, a social enterprise focused on the economic empowerment of rural smallholder farmers, improving their livelihoods through sustainable agriculture.
Suzy Christopher
Suzy Christopher

Suzy led BT’s award-winning London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games sponsorship, including the BT Paralympic World Cup, media partnerships with…

Jeffrey Korzenik
Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community
Meaningful Business member, Jeffrey Korzenik, is the Chief Investment Strategist at one of the U.S's leading business banks, Fifth Third Bank, and is also a leading advocate for hiring individuals for criminal records. He recently released his book, 'Untapped Talent', which focuses on the business case and best practices around doing so. In this article, as part of our series on 'Second Chances', Jeffrey shares the economic rationale behind his work, and why businesses that don't adopt the talent strategy risk being left behind.
racial equity investing
Why racial equity investing is key to building a fairer society for all
Jochebed Bogunjoko has dedicated her career to pursuing social justice through finance. She has recently joined our partner the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice as its new Investor Advocacy Consultant. In Black History Month, she shares her story, what inspired her to get involved in justice reform, and the role investors play in creating a fairer and more equal society.
Why returning citizens should be given a chance
Chance Bleu-Montgomery has turned his life around after spending 16 years in prison, now dedicating his time to focus on inclusivity and breaking down barriers for others in his position. In this article, as part of our focus on 'Second Chances', he explains why employing returning citizens can unlock the hidden potential in some of society’s most resilient and determined individuals.