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Q&A with Victoria Jenkins, Founder of Unhidden, an adaptive and sustainable fashion brand
Continuing our focus on disability and entrepreneurship, Untapped Co-Founder Anna Parisi spoke to Victoria Jenkins, a designer, disability advocate and founder of Unhidden Clothing. In 2003 Victoria was diagnosed with multiple digestive conditions and is now one of the estimated 1 in 7 people in the UK living with a hidden disability. The challenges of managing her disability in the workplace and a gap in the fashion market led her to found Unhidden, which she runs while working as a freelancer, running two other businesses and writing a book – ‘The Little eBook of Ableism.’
change the narrative surrounding refugees
How ‘co-creation fashion’ is helping to change the narrative surrounding refugees
UNHCR estimates that global forced displacement has surpassed 84 million at mid-2021, which includes internally displaced, refugees and asylum-seekers. In addition to persecution and conflict, natural disasters are also forcing people to seek refuge in other countries. We're speaking with experts and business leaders to understand how businesses can do their part in supporting displaced people, and integrate them into the economy.
Amy Powney

In just 13 years, Amy Powney has gone from sweeping the cutting-room floor at Mother of Pearl to taking the…

Marie-Claire Daveu

Marie-Claire Daveu is Kering’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs.  She sets out the strategy and ambitious…

Dave Linton
Dave Linton

Dave Linton is the Founding Director of Maldug (Making a Difference Luggage), a lifestyle brand raising awareness of the lives…

Fela Akinse
Fela Akinse Buyi

Having resigned as a business analyst, Fela started out as the Founder and Creative Director at SALUBATA. He has won…

Anna Gedda
Anna Gedda

Anna Gedda was appointed Global Manager of H&M Foundation in March 2023, having previously been Head of Sustainability at H&M…

Cara Chacon
Cara Chacon

As Patagonia’s VP of Environmental Responsibility, Cara leads a team of professionals that set strategy and implement Patagonia’s sustainability initiatives….

Roberta Ventura
Roberta Ventura

Roberta Ventura left her twenty-year career in Investment Banking and Asset Management in 2016, to run the Social Enterprise she…

Cara Boccieri
Cara Boccieri

As the Founder of Akamae and the Co-creation Fashion Movement, Cara Boccieri lives with remote refugee communities in Mae Hong…

Juliet Namujju
Juliet Namujju

Juliet Namujju is a female changemaker, entrepreneur, fashion designer, wastepreneur, environmentalist and innovator. She is also the founder of Kimuli…

Javier Goyeneche_Ecoalf
Javier Goyeneche

Having founded Fun & Basics in 1995, a company specializing in contemporary fashion handbags and accessories, Javier grew the business…

Sarah Odiavbara_Adirelounge
Sarah Odiavbara

Sarah Odiavbara is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Adirelounge. They create sustainable textiles using agricultural waste like banana…

Larisa Pitkevich_t7berlin
Larisa Pitkevich

Larisa is founder & CEO of t7berlin, a multiple award-winning sustainable 3D knitwear brand. She has over 20 years professional…