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David Katz
Why now is the time for businesses to support ocean regeneration
To celebrate World Ocean Day, we are focusing on what businesses can do to protect marine ecosystems and sustain the blue economy. The Plastic Bank has stopped more than 50 million kilograms of plastic from entering our ocean. David Katz, Founder & CEO, discusses what's preventing businesses from doing more to restore marine life, and why we must address it.
Raffi Schieir
How businesses can help save our oceans from the plastic crisis
To celebrate World Ocean Day, we are focusing on what businesses can do to protect marine ecosystems and sustain the blue economy. Human activity is destroying marine ecosystems at an unprecedented scale. As per WEF research, humans have altered over 60% of marine environments. On the other side, the blue economy is valued at €1.3 trillion and contributes to about 31 million direct full-time jobs. So, what more can business and sports organisations do to protect marine ecosystems and sustain the blue economy? In this article, Raffi Schieir, Co-Founder & Director of Bantam Materials supplying Prevented Ocean Plastic, sets out the business case for stopping plastics entering our ocean.
How Evoware is turning the tide on Ocean Plastics
In this #MeetTheMB100 interview, Edwin Tan, Co-Founder of Evoware, explains how they are using seaweed to create a viable alternative to petroleum-derived plastics, stopping the flow of ocean-bound plastic packaging in Indonesia. This interview series is sponsored by EY and Hogan Lovells.
Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper co-founded sustainability brand 4ocean, with a fellow surfer Alex Schulze in January 2017, with a vision of cleaning…

David Katz
David Katz

David is the Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, a social enterprise helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving…

Raj Somasundaram

Raj is the Co-Founder and CEO of AquaConnect, a pioneering deep learning/AI startup that works with shrimp and fish aquaculture…

Anne Cecile Turner
Anne-Cécile Turner

Anne-Cécile is an experienced practitioner with managerial, professional and academic qualifications. Trained with the best sustainability education programmes (Harvard Executive…

Benjamin González Esnaola
Benjamín González Esnaola

Benjamín González Esnaola is Co-Founder and CEO of Greenspot. Greenspot is an up-cycling entrepreneurship – and a B Certified Company-…

Alice Hung
Alice Hung

Alice Yung is Co-Founder and CEO of Micro PC – a social enterprise that aims to clean up the ocean…

Marisa Drew
Marisa Drew

Marisa Drew was appointed as the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) for Standard Chartered Bank as of 1 July 2022. In…

Raffi Schieir_Prevented Ocean Plastic
Raffi Schieir

Originally from Canada, Raffi moved to the UK in 2011, taking a hands-on approach to understanding the problems and solutions…

Amaia Rodriguez_Gravity Wave
Amaia Rodriguez

Amaia Rodríguez is a social and sustainability-focused entrepreneur with a background in International Business Administration. She began her career in…

Fajar Sidik Abdullah Kelana_Banoo
Fajar Kelana

Fajar is Co-Founder & COO of Banoo which aims to help improve people’s food resilience by providing affordable technology that…

Dr Kat Bruce_NatureMetrics
Kat Bruce

Kat is a biodiversity scientist and one of the global pioneers in the use of environmental DNA for large-scale biodiversity…