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How can business support charities and NGOs’ vital work during and post COVID-19?
23rd April 2020, 4.30pm-5.30pm GMT. Charities, globally, are at the forefront of supporting the vulnerable. Now more than ever their work is critical and the needs are increasing every day. With charities heavily reliant on public and private sector funding, their survival and continued impact is at risk. How can businesses, small and large, help them continue their work during and post-crisis?
food security
Food Security in a Pandemic – How Business Can Help
7th May 2020, 4pm-5pm BST. The COVID-19 pandemic does not affect us all equally. Geographic and economic factors contribute to access and affordability of the basics, which are magnified during an emergency. Businesses, from retailers and logistics, to entrepreneurs and technology, can play a role in delivering food for survival to all, including the vulnerable and marginalised.
sport for social impact
Introducing Game On – Sport for Social Impact
Meaningful Business and thinkBeyond are excited to present ‘Game On’ - a content stream exploring the intersection of sport, business and social impact. In this launch article, Nick Keller, Founder and President of thinkBeyond, shares the multiple benefits of sport as a pathway for positive change, and its role in helping communities recover from the pandemic.
The Impact Measurement Gap – with Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO, Maanch
With businesses putting an increasing focus on purpose and social impact, we will be looking at the current challenges in measurement and reporting of impact data, and getting expert views on how different types of organisations can improve their data collection to strengthen their business and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Goal Click
How football, and photography, can be tools to help refugees rebuild their lives
Matthew Barrett is the Co-Founder of Goal Click, a global football storytelling platform helping people understand one another and the world through football. In this article, he introduces Goal Click Refugees, a series run in partnership with UNHCR, and articulates why the private sector must have a role in supporting displaced people around the world. Part of ‘Game On’ - a content stream exploring the intersection of sport, business and social impact, run in partnership with thinkBeyond.
League of Tolerance
Supporting Refugees through Football, with Oleksandr (Sasha) Formichov, CEO, League of Tolerance
The number of displaced people in the world (including refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons) has now risen to 82.4 million, according to UNHCR. In partnership with Goal Click, we will hear from leaders of businesses and NGOs on how brands can engage with refugees and help rebuild their lives after displacement, through the lens of football. Co-hosted by thinkBeyond. Part of ‘Game On’ - a content stream exploring the intersection of sport, business and social impact, run in partnership with thinkBeyond.
How Sport-for-Development Organisations can Build Bridges Between Businesses and Refugee Communities
Mary Connor is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Without Borders, a global non-profit that uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of underserved youth. Here, she discusses how its direct-service programmes support refugee and asylum-seeking youth in their journey to create a new home, and the ways in which brands can contribute to the growing issue of displaced people around the world. This article forms part of a series looking at how sport can support refugee communities, run in partnership with Goal Click and thinkBeyond.
Furthering the UN Global Goals: how Paralympians are striving for more than medals
This month sees the start of the Paralympic Games, and we will explore the transferable skills between sport, employment and entrepreneurship, as well as highlight athletes who have set up businesses to tackle food poverty, mental health, childhood development and the disability employment gap. This is a collaboration with two of our Knowledge Partners, Untapped and thinkBeyond. In this article, Anna Parisi, Co-Founder, Untapped, shines a light on Paralympians who are focusing on social impact projects outside of their lives as athletes.
Snigdha Sahal
How private sector partnerships supported Action Against Hunger India’s pandemic response, with its CEO and Executive Director, Snigdha Sahal
235 million people need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2021, an increase of 35% from 2020 (as per the Global Humanitarian Overview report). Conflicts, rising hunger, disease outbreaks and climate change continue to endanger the vulnerable. In a time of uncertainty and loss, humanitarian workers across the world have stepped up their efforts to provide the essentials, which most of us take for granted. We explore what support is required from businesses to support their critical work. In this interview, Snigdha Sahal, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger India, outlines how her organisation has been affected by the pandemic and why private sector partnerships were key to its response.
Partnering for Impact – What is the key to successful collaborations?
It is well documented that collaboration is key in the profit and purpose space. But how do you choose who to partner with, and how should those relationships be structured so that they serve all parties? MB100 winners discuss how they have established meaningful partnerships to drive growth and impact. This session was hosted in partnership with Impact17. Recorded at the 2021 Meaningful Business 100 Forum. Sponsored by EY
Meet the Judges MB100 Forum
Meet the Judges at the 2021 MB100 Forum
Judges from this year’s MB100 discuss the trends they saw in the nominations, ideas and innovations that excited them and what they hope the 2021 MB100 leaders can achieve. Recorded at the 2021 Meaningful Business 100 Forum. Sponsored by EY
Hannah Mansour
The next big goal for sport? Environmental sustainability.
Tackling ESG in sports isn’t just the right thing to do. It can also create a competitive advantage. Hannah Mansour, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Re_Set, makes the business case for prioritising environmental sustainability in the sports sector. This article is part of our Game On - Sport for Social Impact series.
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How businesses are building effective humanitarian partnerships
Ahead of September's International Day of Charity, we are examining how to build effective business-charity partnerships, speaking to leaders within the humanitarian and private sector who have forged successful collaborations. In this article, Lorrie Foster, Director of Corporate Strategy at The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), sets out examples of businesses co-creating programmes helping tangibly accelerate the impact of charitable organisations.
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Why ‘trust-based philanthropy’ is key to effective cross-sector humanitarian partnerships
Ahead of September's International Day of Charity, we are examining how to build effective business-charity partnerships, speaking to leaders within the humanitarian and private sector who have forged successful collaborations. In this article, Eric Berseth, Co-Founder and CEO of Philanthropy Advisors (PA), sets out the trends seen in the philanthropy landscape, and how businesses can forge more strategic and effective humanitarian partnerships.
Alexander Fahie

Ethical Angel was founded by Alexander Fahie as a passion project while he was working as an investment manager. He…

Amos Obi

Based in Nigeria, Dr. Amos Abi is an inventor and social entrepreneur. He leads the Hetaved Digito Edu-Preneurship Hub, which…

Anitha Beberg

Anitha Beberg is the Founder and CEO of Seva Exchange, which works with organizations supporting blockchain for social impact and…

Dessy Aliandrina

Dessy has been involved in innovation and social causes nationally and internationally for 16 years. She has served various organisations…

Irvandias Sanjaya

Irvandias Sanjaya (Dias) is currently working as Head of Business Development on an Indonesian based digital volunteering startup platform named…

Niklas Van Neyghem

Niklas Van Neygham is a Co-Founder of the social startup Alaya. After completing his studies in engineering, he travelled with…

Akhil Handa (1)
Akhil Handa

Akhil Handa is the Founder and CEO of Earth 51, an organisation born to help business leaders embrace more sustainable…

Colin Curtis
Colin Curtis

Colin Curtis is the Managing Director for Support The Goals, an initiative that shares the stories and journeys of businesses…

Joanne Sonenshine
Joanne Sonenshine

Joanne Sonenshine is the Founder and CEO of Connective Impact, a partnership and fundraising advisory firm helping advance the SDGs…

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Sasha Lipman

Sasha Lipman is the Co-Founder of tech2impact, a global platform for the impact tech ecosystem, supporting Founders with needed resources…

andy andrea
Andy Andrea

Andy is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Alliance4Impact, Co-Founder and Director of Impact17, and Chair of the Board of the…

Ravi Sunnak

Ravi Sunnak works with global clients to develop and build successful initiatives around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Social…

Darshita Gillies
Darshita Gillies

Listed among the 100 Most Influential in UK-India Relations, Darshita is Founder and CEO of Maanch – a multi-award winning…

Zak Kaufman
Zak Kaufman

Zak Kaufman is Co-Founder and CEO of Vera Solutions, an award-winning social enterprise and Certified B Corporation using cloud and…

May Al-Karooni
May Al-Karooni

May Al-Karooni is the Founder and CEO of Globechain –the world’s largest reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities and…

Moky Makura

Moky Makura was born in Nigeria, educated in England and has lived in London, Johannesburg and Lagos. She is the…

Zak Kaufman
Zak Kaufman_old

Beyond a meaningful recognition for companies advancing the SDGs, the MB100 programme provides invaluable opportunities for learning, mentorship, and networking….

Amaia Rodriguez_Gravity Wave
Amaia Rodriguez

Amaia Rodríguez is a social and sustainability-focused entrepreneur with a background in International Business Administration. She began her career in…

Valerio Magliulo_Abatable
Valerio Magliulo

Valerio is the Co-Founder & CEO of Abatable, a carbon procurement and intelligence platform based in London. Abatable helps companies…

Larisa Pitkevich_t7berlin
Larisa Pitkevich

Larisa is founder & CEO of t7berlin, a multiple award-winning sustainable 3D knitwear brand. She has over 20 years professional…