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The Fundraising Landscape for Impact-Entrepreneurs – with Steve Butterworth, CEO, Neighbourly
With the pandemic changing the nature of fundraising for many impact entrepreneurs, we will be exploring market sentiment, new funding opportunities and how to better prepare for online fundraising, by speaking to members of our community with direct experience of this over the last 12 months. We caught up with Steve Butterworth, CEO, Neighbourly, who has just closed out a £3m Series A funding round, to get his views, as an impact entrepreneur who has raised funds in these difficult times.
Plan A_CEO_Lubomila Jordanova_2_© Plan A
The Fundraising Landscape for Impact-Entrepreneurs – with Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder & CEO, Plan A
With the pandemic changing the nature of fundraising for many impact entrepreneurs, we will be exploring market sentiment, new funding opportunities and how to better prepare for online fundraising, by speaking to members of our community with direct experience of this over the last 12 months. MB100 winner, Lubomila Jordanova, who began this year successfully raising $3M from SoftBank, Demeter, and coparion to expand PlanA's carbon accounting and ESG platform, answers our questions.
The Fundraising Landscape for Impact-Entrepreneurs – with Diane Janknegt, Founder, Wizenoze
With the pandemic changing the nature of fundraising for many impact entrepreneurs, we will be exploring market sentiment, new funding opportunities and how to better prepare for online fundraising, by speaking to members of our community with direct experience of this over the last 12 months. Diane Janknegt is the Founder of Wizenoze, an EdTech platform which has grown rapidly as the pandemic caused 1.5 billion students to learn from home around the world. Here, she sets out the five golden rules to remember when searching for a long-term investor.
The Fundraising Landscape for Impact-Entrepreneurs – with Hans van Houwelingen, Founder & Managing Partner, Urban Impact Ventures
With the pandemic changing the nature of fundraising for many impact entrepreneurs, we will be exploring market sentiment, new funding opportunities and how to better prepare for online fundraising, by speaking to members of our community with direct experience of this over the last 12 months. Hans van Houwelingen, Founder and Managing Partner of Urban Impact Ventures, gives his outlook on the current fundraising landscape for impact entrepreneurs, and shares advice on how to use alternate funding routes and limited resources to raise capital.
The Impact Measurement Gap – with Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO, Maanch
With businesses putting an increasing focus on purpose and social impact, we will be looking at the current challenges in measurement and reporting of impact data, and getting expert views on how different types of organisations can improve their data collection to strengthen their business and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Alex Stephany
Alex Stephany

Alex Stephany is the Founder & CEO of Beam, the world’s first platform to crowdfund job training for homeless people…

Alexander Fahie

Ethical Angel was founded by Alexander Fahie as a passion project while he was working as an investment manager. He…

Anitha Beberg

Anitha Beberg is the Founder and CEO of Seva Exchange, which works with organizations supporting blockchain for social impact and…

Ayobami Abiodun

Ayobami Abiodun Ogunnubi is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Social Entrepreneur and a Poet. She’s passionate about creating a wealthy,…

Christian Kroll

Christian Kroll is Founder and CEO of Ecosia, an ethical search engine that uses advertising revenues to plant trees in…

Dickson Ayuka

Dickson Ayuka is the Co-Founder and CEO of UjuziKilimo Solutions, an Agri-technology company empowering farmers to sustainably increase the farm…

Federico Miatton

Federico Miatton is the Co-Founder and CTO of, where he is currently leading the development of a platform that…

Frida Polli

Frida Polli, PhD, MBA is an award-winning Harvard and MIT trained neuroscientist turned entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and CEO…

George Akilimali

George Akilimali is a social entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He is the founder and CEO of Smartcore, a social enterprise,…

Hana Rado

An accomplished social business entrepreneur, liberal feminist and motivational speaker, Hana dedicates her life to promoting both gender balance worldwide…

Joseph Thompson

Joseph Thompson is the Co-Founder and CEO of AID:Tech, a company that provides digital identity solutions. Under his leadership, the…

Kai Eberhardt

Kai Eberhardt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Oviva, a digital health company focusing on treating diet-related, chronic diseases. Kai…

Kate Brandt
Kate Brandt

Kate Brandt serves as Google’s Chief Sustainability Officer and leads sustainability across Google’s worldwide operations, products and supply chains.  In…

Komal Ahmad

Komal Ahmad, Founder of Copia, is Solving the World’s Dumbest Problem by dramatically reducing food waste and hunger globally. Komal…

Liz Powers

Liz Powers is the Co-Founder and Chief Happiness Spreader at ArtLifting, a business that empowers artists impacted by homelessness and…

Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff is the Founder, Chair and Co-CEO of Salesforce and a pioneer of cloud computing. Building a different kind…

Mariana Matus

Dr Mariana Matus is the Co-Founder and CEO of Biobot Analytics, a startup that aims to help governments tackle the…

Markku Teräsvasara

Markku Teräsvasara is the CEO and President of Metso Outotec. Metso Outec is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions…

Nabeel Siddiqui
Nabeel Siddiqui

Nabeel Siddiqui is a civil engineer by profession working on eliminating the global housing problem through better use of technology…

Niklas Van Neyghem

Niklas Van Neygham is a Co-Founder of the social startup Alaya. After completing his studies in engineering, he travelled with…

Raj Somasundaram

Raj is the Co-Founder and CEO of AquaConnect, a pioneering deep learning/AI startup that works with shrimp and fish aquaculture…

Roland Busch

Dr. Roland Busch is Deputy CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Labor Director, Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Managing…

Shiraz Jessa

Shiraz Jessa is the Founder and CEO of Bibimoney, a London-based Fintech company focusing on financial inclusion in emerging markets….

Tessa Clarke
Tessa Clarke

After a 15 year corporate career, Tessa Clarke co-founded OLIO along with Saasha Celestial-One, the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing…

David Roberts
Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts is a renowned global IT leader, Non-Executive Director and tech mentor, with over 20 years of experience driving…

Gabriella Kisoi
Gabriella Kisoi

Gabriella Kisoi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kool Kibanda, a social enterprise that empowers fruit and vegetable vendors in…

Gaelle Mogli
Gaëlle Mogli

Gaëlle Mogli is the Founder and CEO of ConnectAID, a pioneer social impact network which combines a humanitarian social media…

Giovanna Jagger
Giovanna Jagger

Giovanna Jagger is the Co-Founder and former Head of Business Development of Woken Up, a new global social network with…

Hans Lak
Hans Lak

Hans Lak is a Catalyst for the Permanent Future Lab, a movement in the sharing economy which connects people and…

Johnathan Kolbar (1)
Jonathan Reichental

Jonathan Reichental is the Founder and CEO of Human Future, a global business and technology education, advice and investment service….

Judith Haeberli
Judith Häberli

Judith Häberli is the Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Connect, an innovative provider of smart urban mobility solutions. As a…

Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson

Marie Johnson is the Managing Director of the Centre for Digital Business, an Australian global entrepreneurial thought leader and practitioner…

Martine Cadet
Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet is VP Social Impact at Pymetrics, a software company transforming the future of work. She leads pymetrics’ advocacy,…

Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson is the Co-Founder and the sustainability subject matter expert for a new start-up venture AION, seed funded by…

Mia Bennett
Mia Bennett

Mia Bennet is Principal for Alia, a venture and innovation consultancy enabling entrepreneurs and start-ups to initiate and expand original…

Neelkanth Mishra
Neelkanth Mishra

Neelkanth Mishra is the Founder and CEO of the Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika, a resource centre to promote and…

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unmind, a digital platform that enables employees to proactively take account and…

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Sasha Lipman

Sasha Lipman is the Co-Founder of tech2impact, a global platform for the impact tech ecosystem, supporting Founders with needed resources…

Wendy Martin
Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin is a Founder and former Chief Marketing Officer at For Good Causes UK, a FinTech service that enables…

Debra Ruh, CEO & Founder, Ruh Global
Debra Ruh

Debra Ruh is an American business woman and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities. She founded TecAccess, which…

paul afshar
Paul Afshar

Paul Afshar is the interim CMO at OSOME, an accountancy platform utilising technology to alleviate accounting burdens from entrepreneurs. Previously,…

Liam Black
Liam Black

Liam Black is a Board Member and former Executive Chair of Togetherall, the leading, clinically managed community driving better mental…

Marieme Jamme
Mariéme Jamme

Lady Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese-born British businesswoman who works extensively across civil society, government and the private sector to…

Rod Banner
Rod Banner

Rod Banner is forward-thinking entrepreneur and CEO of – a consulting firm focused on optimising proposition architecture, brand &…

Tania Cosentino
Tânia Cosentino

Tania Cosentino has been Microsoft Brazil General Manager since January 2019 and has more than 30 years of professional experience….

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng
Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng

Dustin believes that everyone needs to have technology that empowers them to create healthier living and working environments. From this…

Ashish Gadnis
Ashish Gadnis

Ashish Gadnis is the Co-Founder and CEO of BanQu, which was recently named to the TIME Magazine 2019 Innovations List. …

Arash Tayebi
Arash Tayebi

Arash Tayebi is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Kara Technologies, a tech start-up based in Auckland, New Zealand. Arash has a…

Steve Butterworth
Steve Butterworth

Steve is committed to helping redefine the role of business in building long term sustainable, happy and healthy communities. Neighbourly…

Luis Von Ahn
Luis Von Ahn

Luis von Ahn is an entrepreneur and former computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University who is considered one of…

Suzanne DiBianca
Suzanne DiBianca

Suzanne leads Salesforce’s stakeholder strategy, driving positive social and environmental impact across the company, customers, partners and community. She spearheads…

Bob Lord
Bob Lord

Bob is Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications, Blockchain, and Ecosystems at IBM, where he is responsible for infusing emerging and…

Darshita Gillies
Darshita Gillies

Listed among the 100 Most Influential in UK-India Relations, Darshita is Founder and CEO of Maanch – a multi-award winning…

Ari Kaufman
Ari Kaufman

Ari is the Founder and CEO of Spout, which is committed to safe water for everyone, everywhere. Spout is a…

Ben Lane
Ben Lane

Dr Ben Lane is Co-Founder and CTO at Zap-Map. Ben is an automotive expert with 20 years of experience in…

Robin Tombs
Robin Tombs

Robin is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Yoti, the digital identity app, with…

Mehdi Salehi
Mehdi Salehi

Mehdi lives, breaths and dreams all things drones. He has been a drone pilot for the last two years and…

Jillian Kowalchuk
Jillian Kowalchuk

Jillian Kowalchuk, BA, MSc is an award-winning entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Safe & The City, using technology…

Zak Kaufman
Zak Kaufman

Zak Kaufman is Co-Founder and CEO of Vera Solutions, an award-winning social enterprise and Certified B Corporation using cloud and…

May Al-Karooni
May Al-Karooni

May Al-Karooni is the Founder and CEO of Globechain –the world’s largest reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities and…

Rogerio Cavalcante
Rogerio Cavalcante

Rogerio is umgrauemeio’s Founder and CEO – The first Brazilian startup with a solution that mitigates CO2 emissions from wildfires…

Rayner Loi
Rayner Loi

Having learnt about what some are calling the Global Food Waste Scandal, Rayner founded Lumitics, a technology startup with a…

Bruno Mahfuz
Bruno Mahfuz

Bruno Mahfuz, was elected in 2018 as one of the 35 main innovators under 35 in Latin America by the…

Jo Aggarwal
Jo Aggarwal

Jo is the Founder and CEO of Wysa, a global leader in conversational AI for behavioral health. Wysa has helped…

Abeer Abu Ghaith
Abeer Abu Ghaith

Abeer is a Palestinian technology entrepreneur, and social activist, and is celebrated as Palestine’s first female high-tech entrepreneur. She is…

Anna Zhenchuk
Anna Zhenchuk

Dr. Anna Zhenchuk, Managing Director of BioAnalyt, joined the team in 2012 to develop new products and implement go-to-market in…

Antonio Henrique Dianin
Antonio Henrique Dianin

Antonio Dianin is Founder of the Project Company. His company produced the R1T1 robot, considered to be the best robot…

Eric Kim
Eric Kim

Eric Kim is Co-Founder and CEO at Dot Inc. Since 2015, Dot has reinvented accessibility for the visually impaired with…

Gemma McCall
Gemma McCall

Gemma McCall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Culture Shift, an impact software development business founded in 2018. She carved…

Harit Soni

Harit is the Founder of Ecolibrium – a global leader in providing solutions to deliver ‘Sustainable Prosperity’ for Large Enterprises….

Hira Batool Rizvi
Hira Rizvi

Hira Batool Rizvi is the Co-Founder and CEO of SheKab. A Fulbright scholar, an Acumen Fellow, and a graduate of…

Mauricio Meza
Mauricio Meza

Mauricio Meza is the Co-Founder and CEO of Komodo Openlab, makers of Tecla, an assistive device that enables access to…

Michelle Egger
Michelle Egger

Michelle is the Co-Founder and CEO of Biomilq, a company she co-founded with Leila Strickland. As a passionate food scientist,…

Olivier Reinaud
Olivier Reinaud

Olivier Reinaud is a French entrepreneur. At 23, he is the Co-Founder and Head of Carbon Credits at NetZero, an…

Steve Oldham
Steve Oldham

Steve Oldham is CEO of Carbon Engineering, recruiting top talent to join the team, partnering with innovative companies worldwide, and…

Alexis Normand

Alexis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Greenly, a company that automates footprint tracking for individuals and SMEs enriching every…

Kentaro Kawamori

Kentaro is Co-Founder and CEO of Persefoni, a ClimateTech SaaS company that works with companies and financial institutions to account…

Pascal Christiaens

Pascal is a social entrepreneur and startup strategist with significant experience from both sides of the Atlantic. He was named…

Kidus Asfaw

Kidus is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kubik – an environmental tech company turning hard-to-recycle plastic waste into low-carbon, low-cost…

Ali Shabbar

Ali is the CEO of DeafTawk, looking after business development. In his 14 year career, he has worked with both…

Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila is the Co-Founder and CEO of Plan A, a software provider offering an end-to-end platform that uses machine learning…

Manu Chopra

Manu is working on tackling extreme poverty by providing dignified digital work to rural Indians. He’s currently the Co-Founder and…

Markus Gilles

With a background in both the NGO and tech sector, Markus took a break from startup life after exiting his…

Emanuel Heisenberg

Emanuel is Founder and CEO of ecoworks, a start-up that automates and industrialises renovation to decarbonise the building stock at…

Eleanor Harry

Eleanor is the Founder and CEO of HACE: Data Changing Child Labour. She has worked on child labour for over…

Srinivas V Bandlamuri

Shrinivas is Founder, CEO and Director at Aspartika Biotech, who have developed a sustainable model for creating a zero-waste discharge…

Aly Abdelrazek_Bonocle
Abdelrazek Aly

Abdelrazek is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bonocle – a startup aimed at improving the lives of the blind community…

Shashank Samala_Heirloom Carbon
Shashank Samala

Shashank is the CEO at Heirloom, with a mission to removing 1 billion tons of CO2 from the air by…

Alexander Gunkel

Alexander is a serial entrepreneur using space technology for social and environmental good. Since 2013 he co-founded three space tech…

Zak Kaufman
Zak Kaufman_old

Beyond a meaningful recognition for companies advancing the SDGs, the MB100 programme provides invaluable opportunities for learning, mentorship, and networking….

Abe Tarapani_Atlas AI
Abe Tarapani

Abe Tarapani is the CEO of Atlas AI, a geospatial AI startup that helps organisations anticipate changing societal conditions to…

Ajaita Shah_Frontier Markets
Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah is the Founder & CEO of Frontier Markets, India’s premiere rural-assisted social commerce platform. With over 18 years…

Andrew Bownds_Eco Brixs
Andrew Bownds

Plastic is a very visual problem in Uganda being burnt on roadsides and dumped in waterways. Passionate about creating green…

Andrew Shakman_LeanPath
Andrew Shakman

Andrew Shakman is Co-Founder & CEO of Leanpath, a certified B-Corp with a mission to make food waste prevention and…

Anna Wright, Founder of Bindi Maps
Anna Wright

Anna Wright is the Founder & CEO of BindiMaps, Australia’s leading accessible wayfinding app. She is a recognised leader in…

Anthony Virapin_Microsoft
Anthony Virapin

Anthony Virapin has over 15+ years’ experience of marketing, tech evangelism, business development and people management. He lead’s Microsoft’s Entrepreneurship…

Valerio Magliulo_Abatable
Valerio Magliulo

Valerio is the Co-Founder & CEO of Abatable, a carbon procurement and intelligence platform based in London. Abatable helps companies…

Gary Bennett_Tek Experts
Gary Bennett

Gary has over 30 years of contact centre experience, 18 of these in Africa, for both outsourced and client environments….

Fajar Sidik Abdullah Kelana_Banoo
Fajar Kelana

Fajar is Co-Founder & COO of Banoo which aims to help improve people’s food resilience by providing affordable technology that…

Susan Hunt Stevens_WeSpire
Susan Hunt Stevens

Susan Hunt Stevens is the Founder & President of WeSpire, an award-winning employee experience technology platform focused on engaging people…

Yesika Aguilera_Tespack
Yesika Aguilera

Yesika Aguilera is the Co-Founder of Tespack, an innovative smart energy technology company specialising in mobile energy solutions utilised by…

Iva Gumnishka_Humans in the Loop
Iva Gumnishka

Iva Gumnishka is the Founder of Humans in the Loop, a social enterprise which provides remote digital work to conflict-affected…

Gesa Biermann_ Pina Earth
Gesa Biermann

Dr. Gesa Biermann is the Co-Founder & CEO of Pina Earth, a climate tech startup based in Germany and backed…