Alice Hung
Co-Founder & CEO, Micro PC

Alice Yung is Co-Founder and CEO of Micro PC – a social enterprise that aims to clean up the ocean and tackle the harmful effects of microplastics. She set up this company when she was 22 and has since led her team to design their microplastic collector, which is used to collect microplastics around the shorelines and filter wastewater and ponds for unwanted solids. Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that drift freely in the ocean and combine with other harmful substances, enter the human food chain, and affect our health.

Alice is also part of the youth advisory committee in Taiwan and assisted the government with youth affairs, female start-ups and social enterprises.

Alice has been invited to share in the 2019 UN Unofficial Commision on the Status of Women sharing session. Her company, Micro PC won 2nd place at the 2018 Taoyuan city “Startup start” competition, 2019 International SCG Innovation Competition Best Business Model Award, and 2019 International Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Summit – Environmental Sustainability Group Award.