Antonia Wade
Global CMO, PwC

Antonia is Global Chief Marketing Officer of PwC, with extensive experience as a marketing leader, having delivered significant commercial results and change for leading global organisations, including Capita, Thomson Reuters and Accenture.

Antonia was formerly the CMO of Capita – a £4bn consulting, digital services and software business employing over 60,000 people. The company offers customer management, people and technology solutions to clients across government and private sector. In her role, she leads the transformation of Capita’s marketing function and is responsible for driving £10bn pipeline, launching a new brand platform and delivering a new operating model.

Previously she led the global transformation of marketing at Thomson Reuters, turning it from a loss making function into a multi-award winning, productive team delivering 17% of gross sales and 34% of pipeline –making $14 for every $1 invested in marketing programs. Before that she was at Accenture where she built an international marketing and communications strategy for $3bn BPO business to accelerate sales, drive customer loyalty and raise Accenture’s profile within the market – as well as lead internal communications for 50,000 people.

Antonia is highly experienced in developing C-suite relationships with clients and is a trusted advisor to the board. Her teams have won numerous awards for marketing and she is a regular speaker at conferences with a particular focus on bringing customer insights to B2B marketing and leading marketing transformation programmes.