Antonio Henrique Dianin
CEO, Project Company

Antonio Dianin is Founder of the Project Company. His company produced the R1T1 robot, considered to be the best robot in the world for healthcare applications and the first robot with a telepresence function in Latin America.

The R1T1 robot was developed as a direct response to the COVID- 19 pandemic outbreak and delivers front line health care assistance at hospitals. Project Company’s invention has been used in most departments of a hospital, helping in surgeries, evaluating the function’s aspects of organs, diagnosing diseases, treating patients, assisting COVID-19, among many other applications.

Since its creation, the Project Company has steadily grown its impact through the use of AI, robotic technology, and constant innovation of our products and services. Their diagnostic disease system has the potential to impact billions of people, an necessity for communities with poor conditions and low access to health care.

Antionio Dianin has been chosen by MIT Technology Review as one of the winners of Innovators under 35 Latin America 2018.