Bryan Eagle
Co-Founder & CEO, Glanris

Bryan Eagle is the Co-Founder and CEO of Glanris – a company that manufactures a patented, sustainable, low-cost water filtration media that helps address the dual threats of water scarcity and water security.

Glanris helps to address climate change by reducing the hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases each year that are produced by burning agricultural waste in the fields. Instead, they convert it into a stable activated carbon that will sequester carbon for hundreds of years. By 2030, Glanris aims to have reduced CO2 emission by roughly 1 million tons directly and sequestered over 225,000 tons.

Prior to Glanris, Bryan ran his own consulting/investment company, Memphis Ventures. His primary focus was helping telecom/IoT companies, aviation related companies and supporting companies in the non-profit incubator/foundation he created in 1999, Emerge Memphis.

Eagle holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Columbia University. He also serves on several corporate, educational and community Boards of Directors.