health insurance in Nigeria
Chinonso Opurum

Chinonso (Nonso) is a social entrepreneur with obsession on excellent ways to bridge the gap in poor healthcare and financing. Nonso Opurum is the founder and CEO of SOSO CARE. He is a former banker, Sales Agent, Web designer and development journalist. He is a fellow at the LEAP AFRICA SOCIAL INNOVATION for his works on utilizing technology to improve healthcare access. In 2019, he founded SOSO CARE a low- cost health insurance, which aims to solve health inequality in Nigeria, where over 90% of the 200 million population does not have a health cover. At SOSO CARE, Nonso and his team accept both cash and recyclables to create inclusion for the bottom of the pyramid and urban slums, while also keeping the society clean. Within few months SOSO CARE has gained local and international recognition including been listed by UN Habitat as a top 20 solution using waste to create wealth and also listed by World Bank Group as a top 5 finalist from a pool of 885 applications from 98 countries around the world at the smart city challenge youth summit in Washington.

Before starting SOSO CARE, he took a short stop at ARM Pension as a sales agent on micro pension to gain insights in the unorganized informal sector.

Nonso holds a diploma in Business Studies, BA in Business Studies and MBA in policy and strategic management from University of Greenwich, UK.