Chitra Rajan
MD, Radix Group

Chitra is a serial Entrepreneur with experience ranging from Software Services to Agriculture, Construction and Renewable Energy – currently spearheading functions as Managing Director with Radix Group, head quartered in Bangalore. Radix is in the business of generating energy from Organic Waste and is racing to become one of the largest producers of Bio CNG in the world. Chitra is currently associated with UNIDO through PFAN as a Mentor for Clean energy / energy efficiency and sustainable development projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia. She mentors entrepreneurs to ensure that their projects become investor ready and helps them to raise funds. She normally handles ticket sizes of US$5M to 50M. 

Chitra has over 23 years of cross-functional experience across a wide spectrum of functions with proficiency in Business Development, Marketing, Operation management; proven ability of successful business development while consistently achieving significant growth.