Eleanor Harry
Founder & CEO, HACE: Data Changing Child Labour

Eleanor is the Founder and CEO of HACE: Data Changing Child Labour. She has worked on child labour for over a decade across supply chains including cotton, fishing and ready-made garments. Eleanor was named as the ‘Woman of the Year: 2022’ at the FDM’s everywoman in Tech Award for her tireless work in advocating for adequate representation of women in the Tech and AI field. Eleanor has contributed to international UN literature on child labour including Delta 8.7’s ‘Markets’ Policy Guides on corporate involvement in child labour and the recent Code 8.7 Symposium on how data and AI can tackle child labour. She also sits on the UN’s UK Global Compact Child Labour Working Group. She is passionate about cognitive development of children, effects on future health as a result of child labour and how the analysis of basic needs data might provide meaningful insights into the future of child labour.