Federico Garcea
Founder & CEO, Treedom

Federico Garcea is the Founder and CEO of Treedom. At the age of 25, he left his fixed position at the bank because of too much boredom, realising that he needed new stimuli. Starting from scratch, he chose a sector that could give him both professional and personal satisfaction: the environment. Federico co-founded Treedom, the first online platform that allows people and companies to plant trees remotely and offset CO2 emissions by directly financing projects in rural communities in the south of the world. He is creating an alliance between farmers and supporters willing to make reforestation a sustainable source of long-term income for smallholders.

Treedom empowers local communities to start new agricultural enterprises by helping them fill the time gap between planting a seed and growing a tree. To date, more than 1,395,000 trees have been planted with 82 thousand farmers, thanks to the contribution of 495 thousand users and 3,235 companies worldwide. Its motto is “Making the planet sustainable is the best job on Earth”.