Graham Chipchase
CEO, Brambles

Graham Chipchase is the CEO at Brambles, pooling and reusing unit-load equipment, pallets, crates and containers, maximising transport efficiency and creating a circular freight transport model.

Brambles aims to promote a circular economy, minimising both inputs and wastes. Through pooling together pallets and crates and collaborating on transport solutions, Brambles also aims to decouple the economy, allowing economic growth and a reduction in carbon emissions at the same time.

Graham has been the CEO of Brambles since 2016. Graham played an integral role in facilitating communication between Brambles’ European, Australian and United States pallet operations. By allowing more flow of information between business divisions, best practices can be shared and adopted, furthering Brambles’ positive impact. Graham has implemented programmes and targeted support for female employees, increasing their share of management positions from 25% when he joined the company to 31% in 2020.Graham has also led Brambles to source 100% sustainable timber in 2020. By achieving this goal, this meant Graham’s team checked and certified that all their suppliers are sustainable and ethical.