Iva Gumnishka
Founder, Humans in the Loop

Iva Gumnishka is the Founder of Humans in the Loop, a social enterprise which provides remote digital work to conflict-affected people in the field of annotation for AI datasets. She is also a board member of For Humanity, a non-profit dealing with mitigating the risks of AI systems.

Through their company, based in Bulgaria, they serve leading computer vision and AI companies around the world by preparing their training data and monitoring their AI systems in real time. They work in several verticals, including medical imagery, geospatial technologies, automotive AI, smart retail applications, agriTech, and smart industry and manufacturing. This helps to ensure more robust, trustworthy, and representative AI. They partner with NGOs all over the world to provide these types of work to conflict-affected and displaced communities in order to support them in their livelihoods. Through their foundation, they deliver additional skills training.