James Reinhart
Founder & CEO, ThredUP

James Reinhart is Founder and CEO at ThredUP – the world’s largest fashion resale platform, promoting the switch to secondhand shopping. The company has spent the past 12 years reinventing resale, building a marketplace and infrastructure that powers the $50B resale economy and usher in a more sustainable fashion future. ThredUP’s Clean Out Kits make it easier for people to send out their old clothes on their platform. They also launched the Circular Fashion Fund, a non-profit to support small business and fashion pioneers, and the Footprint Calculator to help consumers understand how their fashion habits contribute to climate change.

James graduated from the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009. He was a Goldsmith Fellow in Social Enterprise at HBS and a Bill George Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy School. Prior to Harvard, while working in the Bay Area, he helped develop one of the nation’s premier public schools, Pacific Collegiate School – annually one of the top-ranked schools in America by US News & World Report. After Pacific Collegiate, he co-founded Beacon Education Network, a charter management organization serving low-income students on California’s Central Coast.