Jane Nakasamu
CEO, Greenbelt Energy

Jane Nakasamu is an energy efficiency consultant, multi-award-winning cleantech innovator, and renewable energy advocate. She co-founded Greenbelt Energy, a fast-growing renewable energy start-up addressing the challenges of charcoal-led deforestation and energy poverty in Zambia. She received multiple awards for her innovation, the smart biogas stove including the 2021 SEED Awards, 2020 Africa Funding Tour, 2019 Boost up awards from the Southern African Innovation Support Program and 2019 Fembiobiz from the the Southern African Network for Biosciences.

She is promoting inclusive energy in Zambia by building sustainable partnerships for providing clean energy in communities through waste to energy projects. Her current project is converting municipal and farm waste into affordable energy for the residents of Msekera Junction Industrial Park in Chipata and conducting a pre-feasibility study for waste to value solutions in Kitwe.

She has been certified by IRENA, SACREEE, KGRTC in renewable energy project management, has an MBA in Oil and Gas Management and educates communities on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As a Global NetGeneration of Youth and Youth Lead Alum, Jane remains committed to forging the synergies needed to shape a sustainable future in an increasingly connected world without borders.