Javier Goyeneche
Founder & President, Ecoalf

Having founded Fun & Basics in 1995, a company specializing in contemporary fashion handbags and accessories, Javier grew the business to 350 points of sale and 70 branded retail stores in 10 years. He gradually grew frustrated with the amount of waste he saw being produced by the fashion industry and embarked on a mission to create an entirely new concept that would combine his design sensibility and understanding of the fashion consumer with the latest in recycled materials. In 2013 he launched ECOALF, named after his sons Alfredo and Alvaro.

Under his leadership, the company has grown steadily and now produces a full sustainable lifestyle collection of outerwear, swimwear, casual apparel, yoga, footwear and accessories. Javier has strategically expanded ECOALF’s distribution to include many of the world’s most prestigious department stores and specialty retailers (with over 1,800 points of sale).

Javier has been awarded the Schwab Foundation’s social innovators of the year 2020. In July 2022, Ecoalf was officially recognized as one of B Corp’s “Best for the World”, positioning the brand in the top 5% of the 5,000 B Corps across the globe in the environment category.

He received his degree in business administration from the European Business School and continued with post-graduate work in international marketing strategies at Northwestern University in Chicago.