Joseph Thompson
Co-Founder & CEO, AID:Tech

Joseph Thompson is the Co-Founder and CEO of AID:Tech, a company that provides digital identity solutions. Under his leadership, the company is supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon. AID:Tech works to increase transparency and reduce global illicit outflows from developing countries due to fraud and corruption. AID:Tech have also released the first blockchain application of peer-2-peer traceable donations for clients of banks, corporates and consumers

Joseph’s vision was to empower individuals with a legal identity so they could more easily access aid, welfare and health benefits. Partnering with UNDP, AID:Tech has built a platform to issue digital identities to undocumented people, with a goal of universal adoption by 2030. His company has also created a platform that lowers remittance costs for refugees, and provides microinsurance for the unbanked.

In 2017, Joseph was named as one of only ten chosen UN SDG Pioneers for blockchain technology. Most recently, he has also been named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of 2019. AID:Tech are winners of Citibank’s Game Changer of the Year Award for fighting corruption, which was presented by the Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.