Kamel Hothi
Non-Executive Director, TLC Lions

Dr Kamel Hothi OBE is the Non-Executive Director of TLC Lions, a group of ordinary people who are striving to bring emotion back into the workplace through inclusive storytelling; allowing all employees and leaders to be their authentic selves. TLC Lions enables corporations, including GSK, Hyatt and Tesco, to engage with their employees by organising tailored in-person and online events. Rising from cashier to the first Asian Director, over 4 decades working in the banking sector, Kamel has experienced first-hand discrimination and formed the BAME and Women’s network to counteract prejudice in corporate culture. Kamel is also the Non-Executive Director at Sterling Media, where she provides strategic direction, vision and mentoring to businesses as well as governance and advice to charities and organisations in shaping their future ambitions and programmes.