Kaushal Shah
Founder & CEO, EnvoPAP

Kaushal Shah set up envoPAP to make sustainable materials made out of the waste of Sugarcane fibres, which are sourced from India. EnvoPap, the brand was started in 2015 and has made a revenue of £6.5 Million so far by exporting Sugarcane based materials made in India across Europe. Kaushal is from a family of entrepreneurs and his family’s core business being Paper and Packaging in India which has been present for the past 54 Years. From an early age, he was accustomed to knowledge about paper & packaging and desired to work on solving a problem and be able to solve it on a large scale. Currently, envoPAP is working on creating the most earth-friendly straws, crisp packets, food packing materials and more from waste materials of agriculture residue. Kaushal sees sustainable development as a core business of the sector, paving the way for securing a safe and healthy working environment and the desire to develop sustainable products.