Kimberley Abbott
Founder & CEO, Vested Impact

Kimberley is the Founder and CEO of Vested, a company with a mission to ‘redefine millionaire to be a person who impact millions of lives’ through leveraging data-driven impact assessment to help people invest their money where it makes the best impact on society.

Kimberley is also an Expert Lead Technical Consultant for the Untied Nations, leading the IT development of the Department of Peacekeeping’s Comprehensive Performance Assessment System, responsible for assessing and measuring the effectiveness and impact of UN Peacekeeping Operations globally, and is also assisting the United Nations Peacekeeping missions with data-driven analysis to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in the world’s most vulnerable countries. In 2019 Kim and the team were nominated as finalists for the prestigious UN Secretary General’s Award for Innovation.

Previously, Kimberley was Engineering Innovation Lead at Thales UK, and leader on a number of emerging tech projects; including unmanned autonomous systems, smart cities, cyber security & HUMS data. She was named in the 2017 UK’s Top 50 Women in Engineering, and 2018 Engineers Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers for her work.