Lieselotte Heederik
Co-Founder & Director, Nazava Water Filters

Lieselotte is the Co-Founder and Director of Nazava Water Filters and a Development Expert in Micro Finance and Women Empowerment.

Whilst living in Indonesia in 2007 she experienced the difficulty in obtaining safe drinking water and realised the enormous need for affordable purification solutions. Nazava’s mission is to empower women to purify their water to make their families healthier. To date Nazava has impacted over 600,000 people with access to safe, affordable drinking water. By 2030 Nazava aims to be the leader in household water filters for the Base of the Pyramid, impacting 10 million people. Nazava has operations in Indonesia, Kenya and Ethiopia and works with global distributors such as Unicef. Recently Nazava has started production of water filters in the Ukraine, to provide the war victims with access to safe water. Lieselotte has been recognised as Dutch Student of the Year 2004, Winner of the Tech Awards, Ashden Winner and Sankalp Finalist. In her free time she likes to explore nature and she enjoys triathlons and trail-runs.