Matias Muchnick
Founder & CEO, NotCo
South America

Matias Muchnick is the founder and CEO of NotCo, a technology company that is changing how humans eat by using artificial intelligence to develop vegetable versions of foods such as meat, cheese, milk and eggs. Matias studied business at the University of Chile and has post-graduate degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, Harvard and Stanford. NotCo combines AI with food science to create plant-based versions of animal products. The company leverages its proprietary AI platform, Giuseppe, to analyze food on a molecular level and recreate the flavors and textures of traditional foods. Today, NotCo sells its primary offering, NotMayo, in more than 1,300 stores in Chile, Argentina and Brazil through partnerships with retail giants such as Walmart, Cencosud and Unimarc in Chile, as well as Pão de Açúcar in Brazil.