Mike Brady
Partner, ShelterLab

Mike Brady is a forward-thinking business executive, entrepreneur and non-profit leader specializing in using the power of business to drive positive change. His passion is to work with others who want to transform the lives of people in need and who understand remarkable accomplishments are never achieved by accepting the status quo. As a Partner at ShelterLabs, he help global brands use the power of design and entrepreneurship to create social impact. Using social innovation and kindness, he inspires teams to explore new opportunities by envisioning what could be, rather than accepting what is.

Mike was formerly President and CEO at Greyston, a social innovation pioneer. Greyston is best known for its practice of Open Hiring which embraces an individual’s potential by providing employment opportunities regardless of background or work history while bringing together the support and services needed to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in the community. His TED Talk titled “Why We Hire Unemployable People” established the vision that led to launching the Greyston Center for Open Hiring in 2018 and with Greyston being recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019.