Mohammed Alaa Eldeen
CEO, Shezlong

Mohammed is the CEO of Shezlong – the first Arab online psychotherapy platform in the world. It provides online therapy, offering over 300 psychiatrists and psychologists to choose from. They offer mental health services not only to people residing in Egypt but also to individuals who live abroad. He previously was the strategy and growth director at Shezlong, overseeing the strategies and business development activities. As CEO of the company, he is responsible for developing and executing the company’s business strategies along with leading the company growth. During his term he has managed to fully restructure the company, define clear business goals and hit a high growth rate.

He has an extensive management experience of over five years across governmental and private sectors. Mohammed is serving now as the secretary general of the Egyptian Chinese businessmen association aiming to enhance the economic engagement between Egypt and China. He is also acting as an advisor to some governmental officials regarding their cooperation with Chinese entities.

He also was recognized as a national and regional sports champion in swimming and archery which turned into strengthening his personality. Mohammed holds B.A from the American university in Cairo with a major in computer engineering. He holds a project management diploma from Riti institute.