Nasreen Ali Mohamed
Founder & CEO, Cherehani Africa

Nasreen Ali is also the Founder and CFO of Cherehani Africa, a social enterprise that leverages mobile technology to provide credit, financial education and market information to women and adolescent girls who own micro-enterprises. Cherehani aims to build thriving communities by providing the right financial tools to the financially excluded. Cherehani has developed a robust proprietary digital infrastructure that enables data driven decisioning, aggregates customer data and disseminates financial literacy content to its customers through SMS and a bot persona.

Cherehani currently serves more than 17000 women micro-entrepreneurs with a specific focus on rural and remote areas in Kenya. 54% of their customers have doubled their income since their partnership with Cherehani. Nasreen controls and manages internal finances, financial reporting, and capital structure at Cherehani Africa and is passionate in ensuring that resources are deliberately allocated to products and services with the most positive impact on women micro-entrepreneurs.