Nigel Ngiam
Founder, Purpose Education

Nigel is grateful to have garnered such wide-ranging experience in education. He has served as a lecturer, as a core team member at one of the Top 10 EdTech Companies in the World, and as an associate at a consultancy delivering large-scale education transformation programmes in collaboration with government agencies and foundations. Through these endeavours, he was able to identify the many challenges faced in education worldwide, to explore the myriad of solutions available, and thus to “connect the dots”. His track record has seen him judge the Reimagine Education Awards, the “Oscars” of Education. He is also an Academy Member of, an international non-profit which researches and provides visibility to impactful and scalable education innovations worldwide. In Dec 2020, he founded Purpose Education, which aims to empower learners in discovering and developing their purpose-driven passions via mentorship.