Pankaj Prakash Mahalle
Co-Founder & CEO, GramHeet

Pankaj is the Co-founder & CEO of GramHeet, a social enterprise that leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide integrated post-harvest services to smallholder farmers. Through GramHeet, farmers have diverse choices such as to sell their produce or store it until there are favourable market conditions or even add value through primary processing for multifold returns.

Hailing from a smallholder farming family in Yavatmal district, the most distressed agrarian region of India, and having faced the struggles of a farming community, Pankaj decided to dedicate his life to working for the farming community. Before GramHeet, Pankaj served for three years in the CSR department of Tata Steel.

Pankaj is an Acumen Fellow (2020), a Social Alpha’s Entrepreneurs for Impact Fellow (2019), recognized in Forbes Asia-100 to Watch (2022) and The Asia Development Fellow (2022). He holds a master’s degree in livelihood and social entrepreneurship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.