Prasad Kompalli
Co-founder & CEO, mfine

Prasad Kompalli is the Co-Founder and CEO of mfine, having formed it in 2017. mfine is an online health tool that allows people to quickly and effectively get in touch with healthcare professionals. There is a shortage of doctors in India, with many areas having limited or no access to a GP, meaning that people in rural areas are often not able to easily see a doctor. mfine uses as an app which logs medical data, to connect people with doctors when they need them via in-app video calling, voice-calls or chats. The AI is used to allow consumers to input their symptoms so that the system can give the doctor advanced notice of what treatment plan may be needed. The app then logs the medical data, gives updates on prescriptions and reminders for when to take treatment. Kompalli has led the company to partner with 100 top hospitals, connecting patients to more than 500 doctors.