Reto Ringger
CEO, Globalance Bank

Reto Ringger is the founding father of Globalance Bank. In 1995 he founded SAM Group, which focuses it efforts on impact-oriented investments. While SAM Group works only with institutional investors, Globalance Bank under Reto Ringger’s leadership also enables private clients to invest in forward-looking companies and related financial products. With Ringger at the helm, SAM rose to become a globally leasing provider of sustainable investments. It launched in 1997 the world’s first investment fund devoted solely to sustainability. Later, in cooperation with Dow Jones & Company, SAM introduced the very first stock index for sustainable investments and, in 2001, the Group introduced the first private equity fund in the area of cleantech. Reto Ringger has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial successes, for example, the Global Green Award from Green Cross International for the launch of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – and the Cleantech Pioneer Award (for the successful establishment of the world’s first globally positioned cleantech private equity fund.