Rob Kaplan
Founder & CEO, Circulate Capital

Rob is Founder and CEO of Circulate Capital (CC). He established CC to deploy catalytic capital in partnership with leading corporations and investors to scale solutions that advance the circular economy and prevent the flow of plastic waste into the ocean in South and Southeast Asia.

Rob leads CC’s strategy, team, and operations as the firm identifies, incubates, and invests in opportunities diverting waste from the environment into the recycling chain in South and Southeast Asian countries. CC’s model relies on supporting the local innovators implementing solutions on the ground, on partnerships with global corporations to leverage their supply chains to drive scale, and on incentivising a new generation of entrepreneurs to build a fresh pipeline of investable projects.

Rob is also Co-Founder & Senior Advisor to Closed Loop Partners, an innovative platform for impact investing, sustainability, and the circular economy. The Fund has deployed more than $60 million into recycling and circular economy investment opportunities focused in North America.

Rob also served as Director of Sustainability for Walmart Stores, Inc. where he was responsible for packaging, customer engagement, and integration with the Consumables business, including personal care and household cleaning. Rob previously led Walmart’s cross-functional efforts to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas from the supply chain.