Rodrigo Mena
Founder & Chief Growth Officer, WeTechs

Rodrigo is the Founder and Chief of Growth at We Techs. The company focuses on efficient management in key industries such as gas and water, specifically in areas related to fluid management. Both in drinking water systems (urban-rural) and mining, they have observed and analysed the same problem: there are efficiency gaps in the optimal use of infrastructure and a lack of information for efficient decision making in the operation. Therefore, the company puts technology and innovation at the service of water management, improving its efficiency and use.

We Techs value proposal uses engineering expertise (hydraulic and others) as a knowledge base, which is then automated through Industry 4.0 technology such as the Internet of Things, Big Data analysis tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Through the digitisation of industrial operations and particularly in water management, it has been able to fill efficiency gaps in water use, increasing availability and reducing the loss of this resource in a context of increasing scarcity both in Chile and in the world.