Rogerio Cavalcante
Founder & CEO, umgrauemeio

Rogerio is umgrauemeio’s Founder and CEO – The first Brazilian startup with a solution that mitigates CO2 emissions from wildfires through an automatic early-stage fire outbreak detection system for forest fires within three minutes from its beginning.

umgrauemeio was founded four years ago (2016), and today umgrauemeio system monitors 25.000 square miles of forests, agriculture land, and natural reserves, which corresponds to US$ 4BI of assets. Umgrauemeio’s system reduced (forest burned areas) losses by 90%, and due to that, CO2 emissions were, considerably, reduced.

Rogerio is 44 years old and believes that entrepreneurship is a fundamental interdependent link to practice a positive attitude towards the world, looking at the environment as the most valuable asset of the Planet to support human life. Rogerio is an entrepreneur since he was 13. Today his role as umgrauemeio’s CEO is to build a nature-aligned team to fulfil SDG impacts and change the ways companies act concerning the environment.