Sahar Jamal
Founder & CEO, Maziwa

Sahar is the Founder of Maziwa, which ignites the potential of African mothers to balance their baby’s health and their family’s economic well being. Her Tanzanian and Indian heritage inspired her to spend the last decade focused on maternal and newborn health in East Africa.

While working at a clinic in Kenya, she met hundreds of mothers who face the impossible trade-off between breastfeeding and working postpartum, which inspired the idea for Maziwa, the only breast pump specificially designed for working mothers in developing markets. Since then, Maziwa has reached thousands of mothers and raised funds from Gates Foundation, MIT Solve, Skoll Foundation, Acumen, and Grand Challenges Canada. Most importantly, Sahar is fortunate to serve some of the most important but often most marginalised members of our global society every day.

Prior to this, she had a successful early career at healthcare organisations like Johnson & Johnson in Canada and the UK. Sahar also has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BCOM and BA from Queen’s University.