Samson Ogbole
Co-founder, PS Nutraceuticals

Samson Ogbole is the Co-founder of PS Nutraceuticals (PSN), a company with the aim of using food as a way to prevent and treat diseases. To ensure success in this venture, PSN started the first phase by trying to ensure standard agricultural practices by introducing technology to Nigerian agricultural space. PSN is the foremost promoter of Soilless Farming in Nigeria, with continuous research to improve automation processes and introduce artificial intelligence into Agriculture. In the future phases, nutrigenomics shall be introduced. He is the Chief Agriculture Adviser to First Financial Africa, South Africa and Viridian Science (, South Africa & Guinea. Samson was recognized amongst the top 7 innovators in Africa in the year 2018 by CNN Africa, He was recognized by EFCC as one of the young and legitimate innovative mind in the year 2018