Sean Molloy
Co-Founder, Avertana

Sean Molloy is a Co-Founder of Avertana, and was its CEO until 2020 before taking the post of Founding Director. Avertana is a company based in New Zealand that turns steelmaking waste into raw materials.

Avertana was originally conceived seven years ago by three entrepreneurs who were then colleagues at LanzaTech, a New Zealand biotech company now globally recognised for revolutionising the way we think about carbon waste. Sean led the development of Avertana’s unique process and its initial demonstration and commercialisation, building a pre-commercial manufacturing plant to demonstrate the feasibility of their technology and entering into a partnership with South African-based Nyanza Light Metals to turn waste steel slag into titanium dioxide pigment in 2017.

Sean was awarded the Institute of Chemical Engineers Sustainable Technology award in 2019 and named a Top 10 NZ Innovator in 2020 and a semi-finalist for the New Zealander of the Year Innovator category.