Suleiman Kuchengo
Founder & CEO, Suku Chai

Suleiman Kuchengo is a young leader and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ambassador, passionate about creating opportunities and transforming the community he lives within. As a young professional with experience as an entrepreneur and social innovator, he founded Suku Chai, a social enterprise with an aim of fighting poverty by improving the lives of marginalised and neglected groups and communities through training and incentives in remote, impoverished and neglected rural areas of Tanzania. Suku Chai empowers single mothers, widows and young girls in rural areas by training them on how to grow and nurture tea and spices. After successful training, they are given seeds to start their own farms while being supervised by a network of experts to ensure quality production. Through this process, Suleiman has directly impacted the lives of 50 rural women who are today running their small to medium size agribusiness in Tanzania. Through his works, he has been selected as an Obama Foundation African Leader 2019, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) East Africa Regional Leadership Center, UNDP and Tony Elumelu Foundation Award 2019, Global Seed Replicator Fellow 2018, DOT Tanzania Fellow, TAI Tanzania Fellow, World Youth African Platform 2018, as well as a first winner of Dare to Change Tanzania Social Innovation Challenge in 2018.