Temie Giwa Tubosun
Founder, LifeBank

Temie started LifeBank in 2016 to bring vital medical supplies, including blood, to people who need them, when they need them. In addition to blood products, LifeBank delivers products like emergency medical oxygen canisters, platelets, plasma, and vaccines. The company can get blood to any hospital in its service area within 55 minutes, day or night, so doctors can focus on treating patients rather than on the logistics of locating blood.

LifeBank concentrates on what Temie calls “the four Ds,” data, discovery, delivery, and donors. Since its launch, the company has transported more than 20,000 units of blood and other medical products, served 450 hospitals, engaged 5,823 donors, and saved 6,757 lives. LifeBank’s ambitious mission is to save a million lives across Africa in 10 years and to reach all of Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and South America to deliver critical supplies around the clock.