Tessa Clarke
Co-Founder & CEO, OLIO

After a 15 year corporate career, Tessa Clarke co-founded OLIO along with Saasha Celestial-One, the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app, which is solving the problem of household food waste at scale. OLIO has grown to 1.5 million users in just over 3 years and its impact has been widely recognised, most notably by the United Nations who highlighted OLIO as a “beacon” for the world, and by Vivatech who awarded OLIO “Next European Unicorn”. Tessa is passionate about the sharing economy as a solution for a sustainable world, and about ‘profit with purpose’ as the next business paradigm. Prior to founding OLIO, Tessa spent 10 years as a digital Managing Director in the media, retail and financial services sectors, and gained her MBA from Stanford. The inspiration for OLIO came almost 5 years ago when Tessa was moving countries, and unable to find a home for her food that couldn’t make the journey.