Theresa Millard
Sustainability Director, Kohler

Theresa Millard runs Sustainability, Stewardship and the Kohler WasteLAB at Kohler Company. Millard joined Kohler Co. in 1988 and has worked in many capacities including Manufacturing, Product Development, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a thought leader at Kohler, focused on the culture change needed to propel the organisation forward in the collective dream of leaving the world a better place. Today, her focus is the success of Kohler’s many Sustainability and Stewardship programs through support of a growing network of passionate change agents at Kohler. She is the creative energy behind Kohler’s WasteLAB and co-created the Kohler Design for Environment and Innovation for Good programs. Originally from the UK, Millard is a trained artist and the Co-Founder of Biomimicry Iberia, European Biomimicry Alliance. She is also an active member of the Biomimicry Global Network Leaders.