Tülin Akın
Co-Founder & CEO, Tabit Smart Farming Technologies

Tülin Akın, Founder of TABIT Agricultural Information and Communication Technologies, was brought in to action Turkey’s first communication, e-learning and e-trade media in agriculture field through the website tarimsalpazarlama.com that she established in 2004 during her studentship. By modelling the credit cards of farmers together with banks, she ensured the farmers could  access finance sources without having any loss. 

She founded Vodafone Farmers’ Club with Vodafone and started early warning informings in agriculture to give information and services for 1 million 400 thousand farmers and their families with special farmer applications. As of 2015, Vodafone Farmers’ Club business model was started to be implemented in India, Ghana, Kenya, New Zealand and Tanzania. By having the support of Intel, she ensured a Farmer Computer software to be produced which allows each literate person to use and ask questions to experts regarding information, communication, marketing and anything they need.

She executed social responsibility projects for developing water awareness in rural areas and preventing tractor accidents. Currently, Tülin is working in a village of Aydin in order to bring rural life to the future, by establishing an implementation area of intelligent agriculture Technologies which is Vodafone Smart Village where the farmers can see either farming or technology at the same place.