Vaibhav Tidke
Co-Founder & CEO, S4S Technologies

S4S Technologies is the food preservation company that invents new food processing machines. S4S sells these machines to farmers to produce the highest quality processed food. Under the leadership of Vaibhav, S4S has developed and commercialised a range of patented food dehydration technologies for farmers and industries. Vaibhav uses a fundamental scientific understanding to develop new technologies, and finds sustainable ways of commercialisation in order to make a social impact through S4S. This positions his business as a pioneer in the sustainable food dehydration space.

S4S works directly with more 2,700 farmers and farmer cooperatives under its solar powered dehydration initiative supported by USAID, UKAID, the Gates Foundation and the Government of India. Under his dynamic leadership, S4S brought together a range of private, government, and agri value chain members under a single umbrella and nurtured high-level intrapreneurship at S4S Technologies. He is an active consultant in food and renewable energy and supports startups in numerous ways.