Zhang Yue
Founder, Chair & CEO, Broad Group

Under Zhang’s leadership, Broad has become the world’s largest manufacturer of technically advanced absorptive air-conditioning equipment. All Broad’s technologies are developed independently, with intellectual property rights and more than 70 patents. The company has branch offices in over 20 main cities in China, and in New York and Paris.

Focused on high quality and low prices, Broad has contributed to the improvement of the image of Chinese products in developed markets. The company has established its own international brand, and is making efforts to improve the country’s energy structure and consumption in light of the potential threat of a worldwide energy crisis.

Yue’s firm manufactures energy-efficient central air conditioning devices and has been recognised for its commitment to green energy. The chairman’s dream is for non-electric air con to replace electric aircon. The Broad Group’s main products are “non-electric obsorption chillers” powered by natural gas and waste heat. The Group is also the parent company of Broad Sustainable Building. an environmentally conscious prefab building company that has found a method of constructing skyscrapers sustainably in 30 days.