Meaningful Business:
Our Values

A Meaningful Business leader focuses on achieving sustainable and positive impact through:

  1. Taking a people-centred approach, placing the wellbeing of employees and those impacted by the business, at the forefront of their strategy
  2. Ensuring the preservation and protection of planetary resources and environmental sustainability are pivotal to business practices
  3. Looking beyond creating shareholder value and seeking to integrate social, environmental and good governance considerations effectively into decision making at the highest levels
  4. Showing innovation in creating new products and services that drive positive social and environmental impact, alongside profits
  5. Engaging with the development/humanitarian/academic sectors to create effective partnerships around specific causes/SDGs
  6. Taking a long term view, beyond quarterly results or other short term metrics, to create measurable, sustainable and long term impact
  7. Building diverse teams that promote inclusivity across gender, race, background and disability
  8. Ensuring business supply chains are ethical and uphold human rights principles
  9. Being cause-led and ready to take action to support the issues they align to
  10. Moving beyond greenwashing and brand positioning to create tangible impact
  11. Striving to reverse the negative impact of a company’s existence to date, in order to create a sustainable future

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