Abrahim Shah
Founder & CEO, Mobiliti

Abrahim is an engineer turned entrepreneur focused on making innovation affordable. During his engineering degree his friend lost a leg in an accident. Trying to help his friend who was struggling to get back on his feet Abrahim made a prosthetic foot for him. While building his first prosthetic foot he learned that over 50 million people are suffering just like his friend as 90% of amputees are deprived of solutions. This inspired him to start Mobiliti to ensure accessibility for everyone by making it affordable.

During his journey of seven years he has worked with organisations like the International Committee of Red Cross and helped over 4,000 amputees by developing high quality products from upcycled plastic waste that are seven times more affordable than existing solutions. His efforts for increasing inclusion of differently abled have made a mark internationally as he was featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 and at the World Health Summit.