Abdelrazek Aly
Co-Founder & CEO, Bonocle

Abdelrazek is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bonocle – a startup aimed at improving the lives of the blind community through technology, with a goal to further integrate blind people in classrooms and workplaces while having equal access to technology.

Since 2016, he has led his team to build the first braille education and entertainment platform for the blind. Bonocle focuses on developing educational applications and games in a new way to tackle the braille literacy crisis through fun and engagement that motivate and improve braille learning.

His startup helps the blind community get access to quality education regardless of where they live and what language they speak, as well as, inclusively playing games with their friends and family. He believes that gaming plays a very important role in raising awareness about accessibility and developing an inclusive society where everyone can socialise and have fun with their loved ones.