Anda Sapardan
Co-Founder & COO, Sehati TeleCTG

Anda is the Co-Founder and COO of Sehati TeleCTG, a medical technology company that develops software and IoMT hardware to assist in providing equal access and opportunity to quality women and children healthcare. Envisioning greater purpose; Sehati TeleCTG is built as the foundation that enables lower cost, high quality, standardized and value-based healthcare which can be experienced by every woman, children and family – an innovation that is useful for effective and efficient healthcare financing and operations through demand planning and predictive analysis. We partner with ministries, institutions, local government, private institutions & corporates as well as international bodies such as UNDP, AUSAID, and the British Embassy.

She has been a seasoned professional in healthcare facilities management for more than 12 years before starting Sehati TeleCTG in 2016. Anda represents Indonesia in W-20’s 3rd Plenary Promoting Health Response for Digital Health Sector for Indonesia’s 2022 G20 Presidency. She is also chosen by Tatler Asia Group as ‘7 Asian Women in Femtech to Watch in 2022’; selected as one of 77 people in Indonesia that bring meaningful change by OPPO; and a TedX speaker.

Deeply passionate, Anda is planning to broaden her horizon to healthcare financing and policy shaping in order to realize her belief that every woman has the right to a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy as the foundation to create a masterpiece – a whole human being and capital for a better nation and world.